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On this i intend to try to explain the key abilities that appear in the Kamigawa block

Arcane Edit

Arcane is a instant and sorcery exclusive spell type that was introduced to the game by the Kamigawa Block. Arcane type spells also usually have the splice ability.

Splice Edit

Splice is a ability introduced in the Kamigawa block. The Splice ability can be found on arcane spells. What cards with this ability can do is that when you cast another arcane spell you can reveal a card with splice from your hand and pay the splice cost to add the revealed cards rules text to the card being cast.


Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni

Ninjutsu Edit

Ninjutsu is an ability that can be found on Ninja creature and was introduced in Betrayers of Kamigawa. The

Ninjutsu ability allows you to swap an unblocked creature to your hand for a ninja with that ability if you pay the cost of the ability(the ninja will be tapped and attacking).

Soulshift Edit

Soulshift was introduced in Champions of Kamigawa. Soulshift can only be found on spirit creatures. It's a trigger ability, meaning the ability activates when the condition on the card is fulfilled. When the creature with soulshift dies, you can return a spirit from your graveyard, which has 1 less converted mana cost or less, to your hand.

Bushido Edit

Bushido was introduced in Champions of Kamigawa. Bushido can be found on Samurai creatures. Bushido can be written on the card like Bushido 2 for example. Bushido is a trigger ability, because it triggers when the samurai blocks or becomes blocked it gets +X +X where X is the number written after Bushido.

Vigilance Edit

Vigilance is a permanent ability, meaning it's always active, and was introduced as a keyword to the game in Champions of Kamigawa. Creatures with this ability don't become tapped from attacking(when attacking with creatures that don't have vigilance you have to tap them).

Flip Cards Edit


Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant

Flip cards are cards that you flip when the condition it has is met and will then becomes the other part of the card.

As an example we can use Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant:

When your Life total is 30 or more you can flip Rune-Tail and Rune-Tail becomes Rune-Tail's Essence.